Michael de jong – Reclusion

1. Jesse James
2. An Evening Stroll
3. Autumn Leaves
4. Unfinished Prayer
5. Ships In The Night
6. Call It What You Will
7. Minor Key Of Twillight
8. Who Knows Where The Time Goes
9. That Lucky Old Sun
10. Little Seed Song
11. Dreaming My Dreams With You

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Guest Musicians:
Bobby Flurie
Harry Gale
Ben “King” Perkoff
Carmelo Leotta
Ernie Schmiedel
Robin Draganic
Jeffrey Lee Mills

Recorded - Mixed - Mastered: Farmsound Studio, Heelsum, NL
Engineer: Wil Hesen - www.farmsound.nl

Aditional Recordings at:
tracks # 1,4,6,8 Rubber Room Studio - Frederick, MA (USA)
Tracks # 2,3,5,9 Jeffrey Lee Mills’ Skylight Studio, Berlin and Kuche Studio, Berlin
Track # 7 Route 44 Studio - Sebastopol, CA (USA)

Produced By Michael De Jong & Wil Hesen For Dutch Uncle Music

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