Michael De Jong – Can’t Find The Words

Michael De Jong - Park Bench Serenade
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Don’t you stand there at the door
Like some kind of stranger…
You’ve been in this house before
Come in from the cold
Warm tourself by the fire…
We can’t pretend anymore
So much water’s flowed over the dam,
Since you and I went our seperate ways
Yu went looking for a home with security
And me I got caught-up in the madness…
Of the stage lights…
Behind every song I had to sing.

Everything seems to have died
In our back garden…
Hasn’t been a flower growing here in years.
And these windows look like
They could use a cleaning…
The view inside is so dark and inclear
It’s such a shame that I,
Let it all get run down like that.
All the love and faith you put behind me
I took it all for granted…
And I watched as it slowly… collapsed.

Well it’s funny how time
Doesn’t really change a thing…
It still feels like it was yesterday.
You came walking through that door
With a smile on your face…
Oh, you took y breath away.
Is it that hard for you to understand.
How I been feeling,
On this blank piece of paper
I can’t find the words
To make you change your mind
Please… please won’t you stay.