Michael De Jong – “Dear Theo…”

Michael De Jong - Park Bench Serenade
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In ’88 they let me out of prison,
Man, that spring air smelled so clean.
Road the train into my fathers country,
Fell on my knees and begged for sanctuary.

One long year I walked a straight line,
I was trying to prove I had changed.
One bad night I went back to the bottle,
They say I went totally insane.

Now the lowest point I can remember,
Was eating food out the garbage can.
I sold myself to the highest bidder,
I used the needle just to ease away the shame.

Ooh, wee…
A dangerous man,
They call me.
Ooh, wee…
They want to lock me up,
And throw away the key.

Now her name came straight from the bible,
And I still don’t know what she saw in me.
I have known many women,
She was the only one who knew me.

One dark night she took on all my demons,
Did not stop till I could finally see.
The prison of my mind had only one key,
If I was honest with myself I would be free.

It has been a long hard journey,
Oh, there where times I stumbled and I fell.
But for every door the good lord closes,
He leaves a window open where the light shines in.

Ooh, wee…
How lucky,
Can one man be
Ooh, wee…
That woman she once loved me.

Now I’ve got passports ofmany countries,
I still can’t find me a home…
And I live just to be going somewhere,
This old guitar of mine ain’t never been before.

What am I in the eyes of most men
A drifter who’s wasted his life.
May I please show you with my music,
What sits inside the soul of such a man.

Last night I had the strangest vision,
The ghost of Jimmy Reed he came for me.
He said “Son, your work here is over,
Now it’s time for you to come with me”.

Ooh, wee.
Is there anyway
I can help you see.
Ooh, wee…
Be careful
You don’t wind up like me.