Michael De Jong – Requiem For The Lonely

Requiem for the lonely cover0021. Look What You Done
2. On This River Of Time
3. I'd Like To Know
4. In That Midnight Hour
5. False Alarm
6. Keeping It Simple
7. The Waiting
8. Almost Rained Today
9. Ain't Done Crying Over You
10. Crazy In Love
11. Michael's Blues

With a little help from my friends:
Toby Gray, Alan Sitar Brown,
Willem van Dullemen, Bobby Flurie and
Charlie Musselwhite.

Recorded at Farmsound studio
Rubber Room Studio
Life Song Studio
Route 44 Studio
Published by Dutch Uncle Music


-Heelsum, NL
-Frederick, MA, USA
-Santa Cruz, CA, USA
-Sebastopol, CA, USA

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