Michael De Jong – Silent Drinker

Michael De Jong - Park Bench Serenade
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She sits in the corner
With her back to the wall.
No where to turn to…
No one to talk to…
No one who would understand,
She’s got to face this alone.

Her friends don’t see the humor
In the joke she try’s to make.
Falling down the stairs…
Waling into the door…
All those clumsy mistakes,
Again and again and again

Silent drinker
In an empty down town bar
Her tears wash the make-up away
That cover-up
The bruises
And the scars

A Hank Wiliams song
Is playing on the jukebox
She remember how they met…
But since he lsot that job…
He’s been drinking every day
And those nights he goes crazy
Out of his head.

She worries about the children
When he is with them alone.
The oldest daughter’s acting funny…
He calls het “dady’s littlegirl”…
Her friends say “it’s her imagination:.
“He’s not that kind of man”.

Silent drinker
Filled with rage
Caught in the trap
Between hate and love
Where every year’s
Another bar on the cage.

She walks out the door
Crosses the street
Goes into the pawnshop.
Lay’s her wedding ring on the counter,
And she leaves with a cold blue-steel 38.
Takes her children to her mothers
With hugs and kisses she tells them,
How she’s gonna miss them.
Then she stands up straight and tall
And go’s to meet her fate…

Silent drinker
Crossing the line
Backed into a corner
She’s fearing for her life.
One more victim
Who’s trying to survive.

She sits in that corner
With her back to the wall
Waits for him to come
Stumbling through the door.
She smells the liquor on his breath…
The sweat of fear on herself.
He raises his fist…
She pulls out the gun…