Michael De Jong – Nature Of Things

Michael De Jong -Echo From The Mountain
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A little bird told me

sitting on a fence,

watching both sides

doesn’t make much sense.

Sooner or later

ya gotta make op your mind.

The nature of things

that’s how you learn tot survive.


Leaves are gonna fall

and cover the ground,

a blanket for the winter

feelin’ safe and warm.

Maybe in the spring

a new seed will grow.

If it’s causing you pain,

better just let is go.


A wise old man

once said to me,

“You only hear

what ya wanna hear”.

There’s never an answer

that comes for free.

So if you’re gonna ask a question

Please don’t ask me.


Life can pass by quickly

or it can go real slow.

It can pass you by

and before you know it,

you could be a stranger

standin’ at your own door.

If you don’t know by now.

you ain’t never gonna know.


My neighbors kids

are playin’ in my backyard.

They’ve build a pirate ship

that’s gonna sail the world.

The windmill’s of my imagination,

are callin’ me home…

from the other side of nowhere

where I feel I belong.


Now we handled it gently

kept our heads held high.

The dignity of honor

letting go our pride.

After all that went down,

we never rolled in the dirt.

Ah, the nature of things

sometimes love really hurts.

© Michael de Jong ® Dutch Uncle Music STEMRA 2005