Michael De Jong – When We Were Young

Michael De Jong -Echo From The Mountain
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The grass really was greener,

the skies looked so much bluer,

and the summer wind held a promise,

of dreams yet to come.

Faith could move any mountain.

And time was not worth counting.

The days seemed like they would never end.

When we were young,

when we were young.


Run river run.

your waterfalls are yet to come,

enjoy your freedom while you can.

The magic of this moment.

It’s gone before you know it.

And it will never come again.


The roads went on forever.

With every turn filled with wonder.

Each step we took,

taught us something new.

With the help of total strangers.

To those days no one stood by us.

We were gonna change the world.

When we were young,

when we were young.


fFy angel fly.

Reach for the stars.

There’s nothing you can’t do.

Just beware of the illusions

and those prophets with quick-fix solutions.

Who trap you into thinking,

you gotta be just like them.


The kisses tasted sweeter.

And arms would hold you tighter.

Our innocence was given and returned.

All the mysteries we uncovered.

As we surrendered to each other.

Those memories that still live

in the back of our minds…

When we were young,

when we were young.


So run river run

Your waterfalls are yet to come.

Enjoy your freedom while you can.

The beauty of this moment

will be gone before you know it

and it will never come again…

When we were young…

When we were young.

© Michael de Jong ® Dutch Uncle Music STEMRA 2005