Michael De Jong – A Secret Place

Michael De Jong -Last Chance Romance
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She’s worries about taking that first step.
She’s walked down that road
So many times before.
She has seen how her dreams,
Can slip away… disappear.
And the ones she loved the most,
… Just walk out her door.

There she sits at the table with a letter
And she’s wonderin’ at the words she just wrote.
She is tryin’ to explain…
“Oh yes she does… but it can’t be that way”
In her heart she hopes,
… He’s gonna understand.

There’s a storm outside her window…
The rain is blowing in…
It looks like tears on the paper…
… As she thinks of him.

She smiles as she remembers.
How he used to tell her, “hey hoey,
You and me we’re just like two little kids”.
He would tell her… “every child’s got this secret place
Where they can hide what they’re really feeling away”.
And he promised,
… “he’d always be waiting there”.

There’s a storm outside her window…
And the rain it’s blowing in…
She signs that letter, “I miss you”,…
… And she drifts away to that secret place.