Michael De Jong – Last Chance Romance

Michael De Jong -Last Chance Romance
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You and I can sit here
Count all our scars
Lay here in the silence
And pretend it never was.
Or we could play the game
Count up our scores.
We could stand here naked…
And show each other
Who we really are.

Now who ever told you
That life is fair.
You give away your heart then you take that deep breath.
Fate might step in…
And fate can be cruel.
Sometimes you step into those things…
You can’t scrape off your shoes.

You tell me not to get my hopes up
You don’t want to see me get hurt.
Hey little girl…
There ain’t nothing you could do to me
Somebody else…
Ain’t already done to me first.

We could stand up here together
Take on all this world could throw our way.
Dip our fingers
Into love’s holy water fountain…
Wash away those sins of the past.
Oh we … we could learn to dance
You and me together … yeah,
In this last chance romance.
Little darlin’ take my hand
We could dance.
You and me together…
In this last chance romance.
Take my hand “mama”
You and me together … together.