Michael De Jong – Save It For A Rainy Day

Michael De Jong -Last Chance Romance
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Do you remember that old Disney movie,
The one called “Lady And The Tramp”.
There was Humphrey Bogart in “Casablanca”,
Marlon Brando’s “On The Waterfront”.
The way they all took that chance
When they crossed those tracks.
And stared into the face of love
Expecting nothing back.
Could have been stories
About you and me.
The way we met…
And how I fell so easily.

Princess, princess in your castle tower,
Won’t you let your long hair down.
If I could only reach you honey,
I’d never let you fall.
I’m waiting in the twilight
At your garden gate.
Hoping that I learned this time
From all my mistakes.
Thru this barbed wire fence
That surrounds my mind.
These visions of you…
Keep me up all night.

Can I hide behind your innocence…
Could I rest there for a while.
Could you help me heal these scars that time
Laid across this soul of mine.

I’m a sailor and I’ve drifted,
Into uncharted seas.
I’m a minstrel man I’m confronted with…
My own mortality.
The winds of change
That blew me to your door.
I made my confessioons
’till I could not breathe anymore.
Oh the way you smiled,
You invited me in.
I fell into your honesty…
Oh I almost drowned.

The cobblestone streets of this old town,
They’ve known romance they’ve known pain.
Now they echo with the footsteps,
Of two lovers finding their way.
Strange how time stands still
When the silence…
Speaks a thousand words.
The stars they know the secret…
They ain’t gonna tell.
I don’t know what you did to me…
… oh you sure did it well.

Can I hide behind your innocence
Rest there for a while.
Could you take the anger from my face
… and the fear from behind my eyes.

Well my coffee it’s getting cold,
I got nothing left to say.
There’s a train leaving in the morning,
Should I be on my way.
You can meet me at the station
Just like old times.
You could ask me to stay… please,
Or say “good-bye”.
Is there anything… anything
Your heart wants to say…
Something I could save,
For a rainy day.
Is there anything honey
That your heart needs to say
Something I could save…
… for a rainy day.