Michael De Jong – Nature Of Things


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A little bird told me sitting on a fence,
Watching both sides don’t make much sense.
Sooner or later you gonna make up your mind.
That is the nature of things…
That’s how you learn to stay alive.

Leaves are gonna fall and cover up the ground
A blanket for the winter keep you safe and warm.
Maybe in the springtime a new flower’s gonna grow.
If it’s been causing you pain…
Just walk away and let it go.

A wise old man once told me,
You are only gonna hear what you want to hear.
There ain’t never been an answer.
That they’re gonna give you, give you for free.
So if you gonna ask a question, please don’t ask me.

The neighbor’s kids are playing in my yard
They built a pirate ship
They wanna  sail the world.
The sound of them children laughing,
It cuts me to the bone.
Well I have made my choices…
I have learned how to carry on.

People gonna walk into your life
A million excuses one-sided advice.
They twist you, they turn you ‘till you are praying down on your knees.
Asking the Lord, please don’t send me no more friends…
Just send me enemies.

Now there’re snakes in this garden
Sharks swimming in the sea.
Little bugs that’ll bite you make you scratch ‘till you bleed.
Why did you wanna steal what I’d gave you for free.
Now don’t you dare call me your friend…
You’re just a bad memory.

© Michael de Jong ® Dutch Uncle Music STEMRA 2007