Michael De Jong – An Unmarked Grave

now the pages of history
never tell the whole truth.
history is written by the winners
on the backs of those that lost.
all those one sided stories that never tell why
so many people would fight just to die
believing that freedom’s more important then life.
thru the mist of time, the truth fades away.
until the truth gets buried, in an unmarked grave.

i watch the young soldiers
marching off to war.
God help us all,
but what are they fighting for.
is it corporate profit or political greed.
lets throw the Lord on our side if that’s the reason we need.
as they feed us on the fear, of fear itself
we point the finger of guilt at everyone but ourselves.
as we watch the reasons get buried, in an unmarked grave.

everyone’s trying
just to make ends meet.
putting food on the table
it ain’t as easy as it seems.
we try to live by those rules but they change every day.
no matter how hard we work we slip deeper into debt.
we are choking on the credit line of losing dignity
till we are backed into a corner where there are no values left.
all those values that got buried, in an unmarked grave.

so many people
living in this world.
they would change places with you
ya give ‘em half a chance.
they are the armies of the poor that suffer silently
watch their children dying, ‘cause there’s not enough to eat.
the ones who walk for miles to find water to drink.
do my words make you turn away or do they make you think.
or is your conscious buried…in an unmarked grave?

you ask me my friend
“why don’t you sing a happy song”?
if you saw this world thru my eyes
you would not ask again.
we have gotten so blinded by our own petty needs.
believing society has taught us how to feel
as we write another tax free check to a nameless charity
then we brag about the milk of human kindness we have found…
brother, there ain’t no human kindness, in all those unmarked graves.

© Michael de Jong ® Dutch Uncle Music STEMRA 2006