Michael De Jong – Blow Wind Blow (pt.2)



you blow wind blow.
places i can’t go.
i’ve been hiding on the streets.
man i’m dead on my feet…

hey, nobody knows.
that dirty story only grows.
now it’s much to late.
to call it a mistake…

wasted time.
yours and mine.
oh, the damage that you’ve done.
i hope you had your fun…

you know i called you a friend.
i won’t do that again.
well maybe you forgot.
me, i can not…

a twist of fate.
call it a bad, bad break.
i hear the church bell it rings.
i must ‘a missed something…

so you blow wind blow.
to those places i can’t go.
i’m just tryin’ to survive.
i’m tryin’ to stay alive…

© Michael de Jong ® Dutch Uncle Music STEMRA 2006