Michael De Jong – Graduation Day



i stand here like a child,
who lost his way.
trying to find the words
make it all feel ok.
love can come and go so fast
like a footprint in the sand
the waves have washed away
till there’s not a trace.
only memories,
of what two people shared.

sat down and wrote you a letter,
but i threw it away.
i almost called you on the telephone,
but i know better then that.
it feels like we are strangers,
two ships passing in the night.
and i’m just going thru the motions
pretending nothings wrong.
‘cause i know you’ll be better off,
i’d just hold you back.

you say you’ve learned a lot from me,
i learned so much more from you.
i hear that by teaching we are taught
well, me letting go,
was my way…of loving you.

this old house don’t feel the same.
funny how things change
as i sit here at this table
staring at an empty chair.
wish i could be someone else,
like an actor in a play.
playing out the final scene
with lines spoken straight from the heart.
knowing when to take his last bow…
as the curtain comes down.

i stand here just like a child
who lost his way.

© Michael de Jong ® Dutch Uncle Music STEMRA 2006