Michael De Jong – Into Never More



questions are asked.
there is no reply.
the lines are drawn.
each takes a side.
a step is made,
balance is gone.
hands can’t reach…
the dance has begun.

voices are raised.
a threat is made.
the bluff gets thrown,
against pride that won’t break.
eyes turn away.
a door is closed.
no way back in…
the key is lost.

no one knows.
where loves goes.
does it slip,
thru an unseen door.
like a thief.
in the night.
who comes to steal…
what he can’t find.

eyes that see.
what can’t be told
a heart that feels.
what it’s never known.
two shadows dance,
across the floor.
dreams that drift…
into never, never more.

© Michael de Jong ® Dutch Uncle Music STEMRA 2006