Michael De Jong – The U Before The I


the boulevards of Paris
don’t feel the same tonight.
maybe those lights are a bit to bright.
or the thoughts in my heart…
a little to dark.

this unwritten poetry
of the u before the i.
that brought us to this moment in time.
between that lonely impulse of delight…
and a simple twist of fate.
oh, it makes me wonder.
it makes me wonder.

i watch the people
they are standing in a line,
waiting to ride a merry go round.
but i know that circle game…
it never has an end.

there is a man painting portraits
i wonder if he knows,
how to draw this face of a thousand words.
where the colors could hide…
of what i am feeling.
do you know what i’m feeling.
oh do you know…

i hear music playing,
why can i not forget.
that moment in time when we took the chance.
and flew into the arms…
of a perfect melody.

well love comes and goes
it is never the same.
leaving its mark like a whisper in time.
the price that is paid…
for every song i sing.

© Michael de Jong ® Dutch Uncle Music STEMRA 2006