Michael De Jong – For Everyone

Michael De Jong -23, Rue Boyer
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For all you lonely men and women
who lost the will to fight
And for every broken heart that cries
Far into the night
For those who quit believing
And those who lost their faith
And for those of you who think your life is
a tragic mistake

I will sing to you I will sing for you I will become you
Inside this song I sing

The full moon is turning blue tonight
The stars are falling just like her tears
The words that tear at what we share
honey they’re born inside my fear
Why do we hurt the ones we love
How come we act like that
I reached for you in the dark…..
One step up……… two steps back

The ships are all in the harbor
And the sailors have come home from the sea
As I watch the sun sink in the west I wonder
Does she still remember me
The seasons they keep changing and these nights are getting cold
I reach for you not knowing
this time I reached to far
But I sing for you
Would you sing for me
Could we find ourselves again inside of this song we sing

Crazy little raindrop tried to make it down the window all alone
Sad little tear tryin to find the hope and the courage to hang on
One of them will be a hero and the other one will save the day
Cause both of them realize they’re much too precious to be thrown away
It’s much too precious to be thrown away


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