Michael De Jong – Everbeen


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have you ever been so lonely?
where the only sound you hear
is the beat of your heart.

ever been so worried?
that someone you love
was tearing your world apart.

why, why, why
can’t we see it coming?
why, why, why
does it always hit you from behind?

you ever try to stop crying?
you know if you did
it would just be a lie.

all those times you tried to stop tryin`.
after all you’ve been through
how could you stop now?

why, why, why
can’t it last forever?
why, why, why
does it always… fall apart?

ever try to stop running?
you know if you did
the truth would catch up to you.

why, why, why
do we hurt each other?
tell me please why, why, why
do we kill the thing we love…? everytime.

you ever want to stop hoping?
you know…
you did…


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