Michael De Jong – Got Immune To It


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don’t have the inclination
to open that door again.
nothing on the other side
that is new to me.
please, try and understand
the way i feel about it…
forgiving was the easy part
forgetting it, that’s hard as hell.
i got immune to chasing dreams
across the backbone of the night
into a black hole of despair.
looking for answers to questions
no one else takes the time to ask.
… i got immune to it.

don’t feel any need
to drink from the wishing well.
and i do not have the hunger
to pick fruit from someone else’s tree.
the bitter taste of truth
is hard to swallow…
when you have blinded yourself
with your own selfish needs.
i got immune to the insanity
of all that endless running
after worthless material things.
money, power, riches, fame,
addictions that conquer us all.
… i got immune to it.

i don’t have the urge
to ride off into the sunset,
on a horse that’s gone lame,
turned grey with age.
the horizon’s growing dark
a violent storm is coming…
i bow my head down
to the karma of my fate.
i got immune to searching
for the end of the rainbow
there’s only fools gold waiting there.
my disappointment hides the pain
as the outrage turns to shame
of being fooled again…

i don’t have the desire
to sleep in that bed ever again.
it doesn’t matter how many times
you have changed the sheets.
the dirt got in so deep,
mixed with a river of my tears.
it left a wound on my heart
i can not heal.
i got immune to your face
breaking into my thoughts…
like a thief in the night.
those words pour out your mouth like acid rain
onto the last of my innocence.
… i got immune to it.


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