Michael De Jong – The Gift


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let us leave this crowded highway
take the road of least distractions
find the path that will lead us
to the source of our beginnings.

let us put away our fear
embrace the truth of every ending
let us see thru the illusions
and we’ll hold nothing back.

let us gaze in humble wonder
we shall sing our songs of freedom
lose ourselves in the glory …
the gift of a brand new day.

walk on the endless seashore.
in silence hear the secrets
of waves that came all the way from China
just to wash away the pain.

let us roll away the stone.
break the chains of isolation.
find our way thru the darkness
let us breathe the fresh, clean air.

let us never lose our faith
in a Power that is greater.
let us see our reflection
in all those who have lost their way.

let us heal all divisions.
find understanding in forgiveness.
let us count our blessings
in the gift of every brand new day.


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