Poetry of Michele for Life In D-Minor


life in a-ccord or life that’s d-minor
don’t matter what the matter is when
songs wake up the morning and mercy
isn’t new but used as a way to run down
the blues that only wanted a few clouds
to cry out to who would understand
gettin through the crowded highway
to our paths that we were born to
in the humble wonder, of the great glory
in the needs that forgot what they need
the next line isn’t thought but felt
dylan didn’t have the time to write it
so it must be somewhere waiting
in who is really holding the hoop
we’re all jumping through?
he got the blues, takin it one day at
a time, that day they call tomorrow
that day that might not ever come
and d-minor doesn’t care if it all goes
to c
to b-flat or hang onto the sharp
lovers and dreamers untune their martins
in a way to retune their axe like they
retune their pain in the finality of gone bad
remembering ahhhhhhhh yeah remembering
the times the sounds didn’t fit the songs
but how they took us to that place
we finally knew, that out there and gone
rhythms in d-minor, a hard way to live.

Michele 3/25/2012


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