Michael De Jong – More Then You’ll Ever Know

Michael De Jong - Park Bench Serenade
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The smoke is slowly clearing
The fire’s down to an embers glow.
Sifting through these ashes you can see\A wild flower trying to grow.
It reaches for the river
Like it knows, there’s a better place to go…
I loved you then,
More then you’ll ever know.

The sky’s been painted by Vermeer
With colors you can’t quite ever name.
The cloudds are lined up perfectly
Each one wants to be the first to bring the rain.
But there always seem to be one cloud
That wants to go were only anges fly…
Cast’s it’s fate into the wind
And fades into the night.

There’s a mountain in the distance
But this one’s too hard for me to climb.
The way that I’ve been feeling
I might slip and fall and not get-up this time.
Anyway those mountains
Start to look the same, after a while…
I guess I was too old to understand,
There’s a truth in every lie.

The reason that this world is round
It’s easy to explein.
We were never ment to see
That far ahead.
All of life’s surprises
The things that keep us strong.
From the innocence of that first kiss
To the night you’re alone.
The things we took for granted
The things we should have said
The beaty that we held so close
As it slipped… right thru our hands.

Out here on this highway
The darkness keeps my secrets hid.
I pretend that I’m the hero
Who laughed and then walked away.
Sometimes in the darkness
Your name it comes to my lips…
I loved you then,
More then you’ll ever know.