This old guitar knows all my secrets
She will never play kiss and tell.
She is the rock that I stand on
When the truth must be told.
Businessmen don’t understand
It is never about the money
It’s touching the hearts of the scared and the lost
Let them know my songs are for them

Michael De Jong – Keep it simple

Michael De Jong was born in France in 1945, his father was a Dutchman who fled Holland during World War II where he married a French Basque woman. The family immigrated to America in 1950. Which is why Michael has no less than three different passports.

Michael started playing the guitar at the age of 13. Five years later he started his first band The Nightwalkers, which backed Bobby Bare.

In 1965, Michael moved to Detroit where he became a regular guest at John Sinclair’s Ann Arbor Blues Festival. Between 1970 & 1974 he travelled extensively throughout the States. He ended up in New Orleans where he played the strip-clubs of Bourbon Street 7 nights a week for 13 months in a row, often sharing the stage with Professor Longhair and the Neville Brothers. Michael moved to California in 1974. During the 10 years that he lived in San Francisco, he played with or supported Jerry Garcia, Paul Butterfield, Albert Collins, John Lee Hooker, Maria Muldaur, Country Joe, Charlie Musselwhite, Albert King, Jimmy Reed… the list goes on and on.

In 1981, Michael recorded his first album All Night Long, produced by legendary Nick Gravenitis (Electric Flag, Janis Joplin) and featuring Steve Miller Band members Norton Buffalo & Greg Douglas. Three years later he returned to Europe and after “spending time” in Germany, France, Denmark and Sweden, he revisited his Dutch roots, settling in Holland.

Michael De Jong’s personal and musical life stories are the stuff of legend and nightmares. He was lucky to survive OD’s, madness and violence….. the paranoia… alcohol and drugs…. the horror while hellfire was almost licking his feet. He was not so lucky as to escape the scars and scathing that come from living such a life.

He’s recorded and released 19 albums in the years he was in Holland (of which 15 are available at this website as a Free Download).  All of his songs are autobiographical or about things that he witnessed. From eating out garbage cans and sleeping behind a San Francisco bus station and the streets of Amsterdam, to jail, insane-asylum, religion, politics. Words filled with breathing demons with a darkness so deep that there’s only one way out…. and that is to sing…..

This merry-go-round won’t stop, till the music is over.
Only trouble is there’s always another song to sing.
From the “poor, poor pitiful me’s…”
To the ones about a bleeding heart…
Oh my young friend… you ain’t got a clue,
What the blues is really all about.

Michael De Jong – Lone Wolf Howling

All of his CD’s got great reviews from the press (most of the reviews you can read at this website).
Grown Man Moan was made in Holland with Dutch musicians.
Immaculate Deception and Park Bench Serenade were made in and with musicians from Texas, USA.
Last Chance Romance was made with English musicians in Londen.
Michael De Jong Band Live are old recordings with his band in San Francisco in 1983.

All the other CD’s are solo acoustic. Some live, some recorded live in a studio. Never more than 2 or 3 takes. Just the man, his guitar, his voice and his raw emotions.

In 2017 Michael became a member of The Dutch Blues Hall of Fame.

After his death he received the oeuvre prize at the popgala of Dordrecht in 2019. The first time this prize was awarded.

The last CD’s “Requiem For The Lonely” and “Reclusion” are recorded with old friends like Toby Gray, Alan Sitar Brown, Willem van Dullemen, Bobby Flurie, Harry Gale, Ben “King” Perkoff and Charlie Musselwhite.  After “Reclusion”was recorded Michael passed away on march 10, 2018. Dutch Uncle Music finished the project and released “Reclusion”on july 14, 2018 at The Big Rivers Festival in his hometown Dordrecht.

Michael started Dutch Uncle Music with a small group of his closest friends during his life.
Dutch Uncle Music is responsible for the promotion and availability of his Music. After Michael passed away Dutch Uncle Music will continue like he wished.
At this website you can buy Michael’s music directly from Dutch Uncle Music, download music and lyrics (for Free) or get information.
You can contact us at

Well it’s hard saying goodbye to an old friend
It ain’t easy walking out that door
I never told you I had the answers
I just got my Faith in life nothing more
                        I can’t stop the rain of falling
                        I can’t make the sun come out and shine
                        I can only plant a little seed in your heart
                        And I hope it will grow in time
                        I can only hope it will grow in time

Michael De Jong – Little Seed Song

Michael De Jong – Horses of the Moon, Kopspijkers 21-10-2000