Michael De Jong – Dance With The Stars

Michael De Jong -Echo From The Mountain
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There is peace in this valley.

All the ghosts are finally asleep.

The river below is flowing,

to a horizon i’ll never reach.

One day i’ll cross that river

never to return.

Every step is a beginning

of a circle with no end.


Seasons are changing.

Winter is in the air.

The leaves fall with a whisper,

as they return to the earth.

The morning dew it sparkles,

on these thin webs of life.

Where time has no meaning

to the soul and the heart.


I find myself praying

for all the wrong things.

Asking for more,

of what i really don’t need.

Never being gratefull, for all that I have.

Forgetting to say “thank you”,

for all those chances I have had.


The sky, it is on fire.

The sun paints it so well.

There is a passion in the colors

at the end of every day.

Soon i’ll be leaving

this beauty behind me.

I’ll cross that river

to dance with the stars.


Holy father i’m so weary

and i’m ready to come home.

I’ve traveled roads no man could follow

the storms i’ve seen

have made me strong.

Now take my hand lord

and please guide me.

These last few steps

I can not take alone.

© Michael de Jong ® Dutch Uncle Music STEMRA 2005