Michael De Jong – Ghosts From The Past

Michael De Jong -Echo From The Mountain
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The moon fights the daylight

as the birds greet the morning

with a song I’ve tried my whole life to learn.

My thoughts start to drift

like the mist that is dading,

as I humbly stand here before the rising sun.


There are nights when I feel

the weight on my shoulder

and I can’t find the healing in the words of my songs.

I try to find the faith

in a power that is greater

that will give me the strength,

to fight the coming storm.


This time I can’t run

No, this time I can’t run

This time I can’t run

away from myself again.


My mind is a jungle

filled with hidden dangers

I’ve got demons riding nightmare’s

with the ghost of my past.

And as I turn to look back,

they scare me to death.


In the name of the Father

and of the Son

I pray for peace of mind

but it don’t ever come.

And for you Holy Mary; have scarred my knees

with a thousand prayers,

but you ain’t answered one.


Oh, but this time I won’t run.

This time I won’t run.

No, this time I won’t run…

away from myself again.

© Michael de Jong ® Dutch Uncle Music STEMRA 2005