Michael De Jong – A Little Army Of Words


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here i go again.
acting the fool again.
thinking i could make a change
hoping somebody cares.

as we go thru this life.
at times we get wrapped-up to tight.
so tired of that endless fight.
between us and them.

seems like such a shame.
same mistakes again and again.
like children, we never learn.
there are no winners in this game.

this tiny blue planet,
full of so many people.
each one different yet exactly the same.
trying to make some kind of sense…
find a meaningful direction…
a feeling that they really … do belong.

this ball and chain of time.
voices inside your mind
connecting the dots of your life.
it’s hard letting go.

did you lose the dream
while walking in your sleep?
feeling older that’s the price you pay
when you try to fit in.

now there you go again.
buying all that stuffyou don’t need.
filling empty holes with material things,
that holds you back.

white gold, black gold,
money smells…sell your soul,
for pretty pretties that sparkle and shine.
fall down, stand-up,
look around…is it a shock?
hey, weren’t you tryin’ to get to somewhere?

it seems like such a shame.
same mistakes again and again.
like children who never learn.
until it’s way too late.

so here i go again.
with little soldiers that i create,
to break down the walls that hold you in,
with my little army of words.
breaking down the walls all over again…
with my little army of words.
with my little army of words…
here comes the army of words.

© Michael de Jong ® Dutch Uncle Music STEMRA 2009