Michael De Jong – Captain, Captain…


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captain, captain…
may i please go home.
i’m so tired
i don’t want to fight no more.
we win every battle,
captain, captain…
we are losing the war.

searching, searching…
reasonsain’t so clear.
no one’s backing down
everybody’s ready to bleed.
captain, captain…
how long,
before we are free?

drowning, drowning…
ain’t enough to go around.
you work your whole life
just to lose it all.
captain, captain…
where is the justice,
for the working man?

falling, falling…
out of control.
the house is divided
moral values are gone.
dreams of your future,
captain, captain…
they have crumbled into dust.

captain, captain…
the time has come.
soldiers are lined up
the bugle has blown.
have you got your pen and notebook ready
captain, captain..?
let the final battle begin.
…one last hurrah.
…one last hurrah.

© Michael de Jong ® Dutch Uncle Music STEMRA 2009