Michael De Jong – Retreat Of The Grand Army


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so here we are again.
face to face with the world we live in.
the men in suits, watch out…
they’re closing in.
it’s time to man the barricades.

round and round the toilet bowl.
choking on the lies we are told.
drowning in the filth…
asgovernment tightens control.
anarchy is blowing in the wind.

double standards lead to war.
global corporations pulling all the strings.
life can get so cheap…
when profit is the name of the game.
the slaughter house, it’s working overtime.

in the beginning they wrote “The Declaration”.
mind and heart we all truly believed.
it was “government by, for and of all the people,
withjustice and equality for all”.
then began the sickness.
capitalism turning into a terminal disease.
oh what wicked webs they did weave,
when politicians practice to deceive!

foundations of high society,
builton pillars of salt.
the waves of truth in time…
wash away all that is false.
andthe house of cards will come crashing down.

the hypocrisy of democracy.
equality can be such a dangerous word,
when we learn to shape it like a weapon…
against all who stand in our way.
only graveyards have equality in the end.

money does not talk it swears.
we never, never seem to have enough.
this obsession with possessions, beware…
or the time will come
when the things you own… wind-up owning you.

in the beginning was the “Word”.
heart and soul we all believed.
laws given to Moses, gospels of the Apostles,
teachings of Muhammad and Martin Luther.
somehow that message got twisted,
till we forgot the basic truth…
“you have got to do unto others
as you would have them do unto you”

false piety draws a suicide sword.
blinded logic of religious men.
crossing the line of no-return…
where vicious rumors circulate.
that you really are “different” from he, she, those or them.

Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Jews.
Abraham’s children with their holy books.
the flames of hatred grow…
feeding on the ignorance of one simple fact.
terrorism is the last desperate cry of the oppressed.

god has NO religion.
god does NOT choose or take a side.
god does NOT sit in judgment of any living thing.
god is a four letter word…
and that word is love!

so i ask again.
“do you think we can make a change,
stop this madness before it’s too late”.
you won’t be alone, i’ll always be there…
fighting with my little army of words.

© Michael de Jong ® Dutch Uncle Music STEMRA 2009