Michael De Jong – Searching For Sophia


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a man stopped me on the street and asked,
“excuse me sir, have you found the Lord?”
i had to laugh but i did answer him,
“man, i never knew He was lost!”
why do you make it all so complicated,
when even a blind man can see.
the truth is right in front of you my friend
just like that nose on your face.
lift the stone…  you’re gonna find Him.
split the wood… He will be there.
He does not live inside of mansions,
that are made by the hands of man.

the stranger stepped back, blinked his eyes twice.
then held out his hand.
“well then sir, how about a small donation
feed them starving children in Africa”.
he told me i could redeem my soul
for just a bit of my change.
wheni said “no” he drove away
in his brand new 500SL Mercedes Benz.
people, every dollar that you’re givin’.
have you ever ask yourself where that money really goes?
only ten cents is going to the needy,
while the other ninety my friend, that’s for all that paperwork.

seven angels are blowing trumpets.
the four horsemen are drawing near.
the seventh seal has been broken.
the Beast has risen from the bottomless pit.
the four horns of the golden altar
are covered with the blood of the lamb.
every kingdom on this earth
shall be crumbled into dust.
ican see the armies are all gathering.
Armageddon, it’s about to begin.
all the religions of this world,
they will not save you now…
judgment day it is at hand.

now Abraham had his two sons.
Moses had his burning bush.
Joshua had the walls of Jericho,
and Daniel, he had his lion’s den .
John the Baptist had the river Jordan.
Jesus had a cross of wood.
me, all i got’s this old guitar
to get this message to you…
youlift the stone and you will find Him.
split the wood and He will be there.
He does not live inside earthly mansions
the Lord lives inside each and everyone of you.

© Michael de Jong ® Dutch Uncle Music STEMRA 2009