Michael De Jong – (In A) Venlo Sunrise

Michael De Jong -Last Chance Romance
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Come on feet…
I walk the streets of this city,
looking for you little friend.
All I see are shadows of strangers,
On these sidewalks that don’t seem to end.
We got neon lights that flash like a memory,
Of some on again off again love.
And I find myself standin’here…
Afraid of my own thoughts…

Ain’t got a reason to stay,
Only a fool would run-away,
leave somebody like you behind.
Ain’t no-way out of it,
It just don’t fit,
Without you here by my side.

I see the girls
working on that corner,
They know me all by my name.
You know I love the way they’re always laughing,
And they smile with no shame.
They got a way to remind me,
Love, it don’t come twice the same old way.
Might make me a lucky man…
It don’t do a thing for the pain.

It’s a funny sound,
As you hittin’ the ground,
… and nothing stops that fall
Happened so quick,
Like some kind of magic trick…
you turn arounf and she’s gone.
…oh, she’s gone.

Now you come on feet,
It’s time to take me away,
In this Venlo sunrise I got nothing left to say.
I still got this song
I can depend on.
Now tell me please,
I wonder what’s gonna take,
Is there a set of rules here
ordid I walk in too late…
Can I make you realize girl,
…how much I love you.