Michael De Jong – Fairy Tale Ending

Michael De Jong -Last Chance Romance
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I wish I had a fairy tail ending
Hey I don’t think it’s gonna be like that.
We’re living in a real world honey
Where you don’t always get… what you want.
“Once upon a time”and “forever after”
These are words for somebody else.
I ain’t looking for a zone of comfort
I’m just looking for a little bit of help…

I wait here in the silence
Hoping you will see me…
Together we could find a way.
Across this sea of sorrow
Keepin’us from each other…
Just take my hand honey
… Don’t be afraid.

Where is this trust that we had in tomorrow
Where is the faith we had in ourselves.
Twisted and turned in every direction
Always trying to plaese… everybody else.
We forgot about that taste of freedom
That only comes when you learn to let it go.
I can’t give you the answer baby
If I find your gonna be the first to know…

The song in our heart
It grows so distant…
And it’s going out of tune.
The dreams we believe in
All that we stood for…
They’re nothing more,
… Than the echoes of our youth.

In this world full of lonely people
Everybody’s thinking just about hemselves.
Nobody’s feeling or caring for each other
It makes you want to cry… but that wouldn’t help.
I use to think that a song could change things
A melody could heal and the hatred would melt
All I am thinking ‘bout darling
Is singing to you… and nobody else!