Michael De Jong – Imaginary Conversation

Michael De Jong -Last Chance Romance
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We sat together
On that bank of that River,
Watched the current flowing by so fast.
I could feel the spark
As we looked at each other,
And nervously laughed.
I can’t remember
Which one of us said,
“only a fool would jump into something like that”.
You could get pulled under…
Drown so easy…
Get swept away … and never made it back.

This imaginary conversation,
It don’t mean a thing at all.
An imaginary conversation,
Between me and those four walls.

I told you a story
‘bout the Texas wind,
How it blows in gently across the plains.
And just when you start
To let it carry you away,
It turns into a raging hurricane.
It rips thru your life
‘till there’s nothing left standing.
Just the ruins of what might have been.
You smiled and gently said…
“hey a wild fire can do the very same thing”.

Imaginary conversation,
I watch the words as they fall.
An imaginary conversation,
… I think you already know.

Nothing more than friends…
Ah, we made the rules…
We were careful,
Not to make a mistake.
The way we drew so perfect lines…
We never would cross…
But I knew in my heart,
… it was way too late.

There’s an old man’s face
Staring back at me
From the mirror in this motel room.
It whispers a warning
“you’re on dangerous ground
What you tryin’ to prove
With that young girl
… you old fool”.
All them songs that I wrote
About picking up the pieces…
Is it time I threw ‘em all away
Or do I just send another postcard
From some faraway place…
And sign it…
Oh baby, “I wish you were here”.