Michael De Jong – Echo From The Mountain


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“Always keep it simple”, that’s what the good book says.
Follow your heart, not all those voices in your head.
When your best laid plans start to slip, thru your clutching hands.
And all those dreams you worked so hard on crumble like a castle made out of sand.
And your fear of being all alone grows stronger then the moral values for which you stand.
Ah pick yourself up, shake it off… learn from your mistakes.

Faith is like a river that runs thru the canyons of your life.
Flows into the fields of uncertainty, where all your negative thoughts are born.
Now you can trap yourself in the comfort-zone of asking, “OK what came first”.
As you’re dining at the banquet table of self-importance something’s dying, of spiritual thirst.
The baptism of your greed is the addiction blinding you from the truth.
Ah, that coat of many colors that you wear… will never hide the real you.

Now you gotta go through what you gotta go through
Just to get to where you think you belong.
When you finally get to where you thought you had to go to
You might find where you got to my friend it ain’ no place at all.

With such reckless abandon, we keep crashing into other people’s styles of life.
All these head-on collisions, it’s a miracle that we somehow survive.
Everything that we once held sacred, now we can buy it, trade it… or it’s sold.
Through all these circles of explanations don’t you get the feeling, the world’s speaking in tongues.
Even the judges in the highest courts they put the Ten Commandments up on trial.
Did you not hear the devil laughing when those towers, when those towers came crashing down.

We are standing at a crossroad confusion reigning on every side.
Materialistic obsessions, it’s like the blind’s leading the blind.
But there is not one among us here in whom evil has not, does not dwell.
And at some time in every ones life that evil will conquer every single one of us.
It’s not having lived in the house of darkness but having left by the front door that counts.
These echoes from the mountain that still whisper:… “Love will conquer all.”

© Michael de Jong ® Dutch Uncle Music STEMRA 2007