Michael De Jong – Faces In The Clouds


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The sun always comes up,
Always goes back down.
The tide rolls in without making a sound.
The sins of the past,
We have laid them here to rest.
Waves wash clean this shore…
As they whisper; “never-more”… “never-more”.

On county road 59,
There is an invisible line.
I can’t remember what it was,
And it don’t matter no more how come.
I walk these fields of ancient stones,
They were mountains long ago.
The surrender it’s complete…
Like a blind man praying on his knees.

Oh, those faces in the clouds.
They never seem to care,
Which way the wind’s been blowing.
They always let you know,
Where you were before,
Ain’t the same as where you are going,
Now look how you’ve been growing,
Just look how you’ve been growing,

Secrets of the heart,
That we carry to the grave.
Those nights in the dark.
When we are alone and so afraid.
The beauty of the pain,
With those choices that we make.
From the blood on the rose…
To the spilled wine on the lace.

But those faces in the clouds,
They never seem to care
Which way the wind’s been blowing.
They’re always gonna let you know
My friend, where you were before
It ain’t the same as where you are going
Now take a good look, how you’ve been growing

© Michael de Jong ® Dutch Uncle Music STEMRA 2007