Michael De Jong – Innuendo



bet you didn’t see that one coming,
must have hit you like a freight train.
turned your world upside down,
left you standing alone and afraid.
loves repetitious failures
sting, like a slap in the face.
are you done trying to prove.
how tough you think you are.

this journey down a river of innocence
flowed into a heart of darkness.
reached the point of no-return
there was no way back to solid ground.
a barbed wire fence
stretched across the field of freedom.
had a sign that read,
“you only get one chance”.

running, running,
higher voices calling.
running, running…
just as fast as you can.

every road has two sides
you choose to walk down.
you can blind yourself climbing the ladder
of societies so called rules.
you can follow the crowd
down the path of least resistance.
or you can struggle down the road
that no one has walked before you.

make a wish on a falling star
if you think it’s gonna help you.
pray to that God up in heaven
or the Mother Goddess of this earth.
try getting on your knees
inside the temple of the so called self-righteous.
but till you look inside your heart
you are only…fooling yourself.

running, running,
higher voices calling.
running, running
can you not hear the warning
running, you are running,
spirit voices calling…
you are running just as fast as you can.

© Michael de Jong ® Dutch Uncle Music STEMRA 2006