Michael De Jong – Magnificent Obsession



when the night falls like a hammer
and all your dreams come back to haunt you.
you won’t find mercy in the darkness
there are no prayers left that’ll save you.
there’s a smell of perfume that still lingers.
the vacuum of the laughter that is gone.
the touch of a hand that is not there.
you stare at the wall and count to ten.

the organ grinder’s smiling
as the monkey bows and holds out his hat.
he is laughing as he tells you
“but sir, everyone pays for the dance”.
the dice you threw where loaded from the start.
so did it really come as such a shock.
when the wheel of fortune finally broke down.
and left you with no-where to turn.

on the altar of self-sacrifice
you humbly kneel before the great “if only”.
inside the prison of your mind
you lay flowers on the grave of best intentions.
did you really think you would be immune.
and just walk away and not feel any pain.
did you forget the love’s a pointed blade.
that hurts more coming out then going in.

all the warrior poets
who have walked down this road before you.
on shields of virgin paper
they have bled their hearts dry just to warn you.
my friend you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.
you never see it coming till it’s to late.
it’s gonna hit you hard when you finally learn.
sometimes love just ain’t enough.

at the bonfire of your vanity
you like the funeral pyre of self-indulgence.
flames burn you with the truth
that nothing in this life will last forever.
so lets raise a glass to the great illusion.
this magnificent obsession that controlled you
one final toast to a foolish hero.
who just did his best … to love you.

© Michael de Jong ® Dutch Uncle Music STEMRA 2006