Michael De Jong – The River And The Stone



trouble, trouble…
keep knocking on my door.
worries, worries.
won’t leave me alone.
i got a bad feeling.
the worst is yet to come.

now this hard, hard life i’ve been living…
it’s finally caught up to me.
this hard life i’ve been livin’…
it’s caught up to me.
i ain’t sayin’ i’m afraid,
what ‘ll be is what’s gonna be.

i’ve got me a kind hearted woman…
she’s givin’ me the best years of her life.
kind hearted woman…
she gave me the best years of her life.
every time she puts her arms around me,
i know it’s all gonna work out all right.

now that river keep on flowing…
just keeps beatin’ against the stone.
that river keep on flowing
keeps beatin’ against that stone
i’m gonna be like that river,
i ain’t gonna stop till that stone is gone.

now people i ain’t got no religion…
but i do believe in the Lord.
people i ain’t got no church religion…
but i pray on my knees to the Lord.
i ask Him to take good care of my woman,
when i’m dead and gone.

i know that sun gonna be shining…
when they put me in the ground.
i know the sun gonna be shinin’…
when they lay my body in the ground.
Mother-earth she’s gonna whisper to me,
“Michael welcome home”.
Mother-earth gonna whisper to me,
“now you can finally lay
…all your burdens down”.

© Michael de Jong ® Dutch Uncle Music STEMRA 2006