Michael De Jong – Worlds Apart


this is not the time
to start philosophizing,
or getting sentimental about me.
i have told you many times
“follow your heart,
give your mind a little peace”.
there is no right or wrong
in the way you are feeling,
‘cause i feel the same way too.
you know from the start,
deep in your heart…
we are worlds apart.

i was never very good
at all that socializing,
you know i’ve been a loner for far to long.
the roads i have traveled
made me what i am,
now they led me to your door.
i’ve laid my dreams
at your feet.
…they’re all this man has left.
but i knew from the start,
deep in my heart…
you and me, we are worlds apart.

i find it amazing
how fast time can fly.
in the wink of an eye
i have grown old.
but those years melt away
when i see you smile…
and when your laughter…
fills this room.

now here we both stand
on the edge of a tomorrow,
we both hope will never come.
maybe it’ll rain
or the sun might shine,
either way girl, life will go on.
i wish i had an answer
you could hold on to,
but honey, i’m just to scared to say the words.
we knew from the start.
deep in our hearts…
we are worlds apart.
come on baby…we both knew.
…how can i tell you.

© Michael de Jong ® Dutch Uncle Music STEMRA 2006