Michael De jong – (You Got) Something On Your Mind?



you got something on your mind,
you’re afraid to say.
are you worried…
i might take it wrong,
and walk away.

don’t you know by now,
i could never let you go.
i’d be lost…
and my world,
would turn so cold.

now don’t you start to cry,
i thought we left that all behind.
it ain’t easy…
i know sometimes,
love is so unkind.

now darlin’ take my hand,
‘cause i’m just as scared as you.
all these dreams…
that we’re dreamin’,
well they might not come true.

we can only try,
nothing more, nothing less.
the good Lord willin’…
it will all work out, for the best.

© Michael de Jong ® Dutch Uncle Music STEMRA 2006