Michael De Jong – Absolutely Nothing


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hey, i’m sitting here,
doing absolutey nothing.
wondering which way
them cosmic dice are gonna roll.
i’ve had enough
all them promises,
that the world was gonna change
and we’d all be treated equally.
oh, we had the best of times.
its turned into the worst of times.
these are the hardest times
you and i my friend, we are living in. Mercy!

i’m just standing in lines,
answering pointless questions.
trying to hold onto
the last of my dignity.
hey mister, i need a job.
i gotta feed my family.
i ain’t to proud to beg
please… can’t you help me?
i hear your explanations.
your words sound like doublespeak to me.
i can see your lips are moving,
all i hear… is blah, blah, blah.

out on them streets,
ain’t no time for dreaming.
this is as real
as life can get.
you do your best
tryin’ to hold it all together
as your grip starts to slip,
you slowly slide
down the razor’s edge of poverty.
you’ve gone under the radar
you’ve fallen thru the cracks.
and that milk of human kindness,
its turned sour… in your mouth.

you know i try to believe
in that perpetual notion,
of good outweighing bad
in this so called „family of man“.
these days i find
my patience being tested,
when i see how cruel,
people can really act!
we have lost the best of times.
turned into the worst of times.
these are desperate times.
you and i my friend… look what we are going thru.


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