Immaculate Deception as a Free Download

Dear friends of my music,

This is one of my favourite CD’s. After 4 pressings is was sold out. I made this CD available as a free download. Now you don’t have to buy song by song, but the whole CD Immaculate Deception is available for everyone as a Free Download at this website. The whole story, from beginning to the end.



07Michael De Jong -Immaculate Deception
From the CD; Immaculate Deception
Munich Records(MRCD 203)
Jon Dee Graham, acoustic guitar; Max Johnston, dobro; Paul Percy, percussion; Glenn Fukunaga, bass; Keith Langford, percussion; Michael de Jong, acoustic guitar, vocal.
Recorded at; Sonic Arts Studio in Austin, Texas.
Mixed at; Samso Studio in Samso, Denmark.
Mastered at; Farmsond Studio in Heelsum, The Netherlands.
You have my permission to Share, Download, etc. this song as long as you give it away for FREE.

Click here to acces to the Free Download of Immaculate Deception.