Michael De Jong – Ricardo’s Revenagé

Michael De Jong -Alive
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I used to be down
I ain’t down no-more
Well I just to be down
But I ain’t down no-more
I turned my back to all these hard times
Picked myself up off the floor

When you saw me on the street woman
Why did you walk to the other side
Well I once gave you my front door key
So we wouldn’t have to sneak and hide
You used to moan and say such sweet things
Then you tried to wreck my life

Well I never found a witness honey
But you know what you did
The truth is underneath your pillow
Where all your dirty secrets are so well hid
You got a lot of nerve to smile at me
Did you really think I would forget

Now the stone-faced Mona Lisa
She’s waiting in her room
She keeps staring out her window
Howlin’ up at the moon
With her seven veils of camouflage
She knows the truth is coming out real soon

Now the boys of solidarity
Oh they did their jobs so well
With surgical precision
They put the police-dogs on my trail
Well it will be my dying wish boys
That you all go straight to hell

As for me I’m going back to Detroit
Got the devil give me back my soul
I’m going back to Detroit
Got the devil give me back my soul
I’m gonna put down this guitar
Go back and work for old Henry Ford

You know I was going thru my memories
And I came across your face
It’s hard to believe you and me went thru all that
Just to wind-up in this place
Where fallen angels and broken hearts
Seems that’s all that remains


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