Michael De Jong – Life In D-Minor


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all day long …
half the night.
walk these streets
i’m trying to find myself.
can’t fit in,
i can’t break out.
stay two steps ahead
of this insane world.

count the shining stars
like i count my failures.
scream at the moon please …
please, tell me the secret.
is there a way
i can break the chain?
life in d-minor,
it’s a hard way to live.

now them woman they come …
they never, never go.
they can make you feel alive,
make you look like a fool.
break your heart,
corrupt your very soul.
some get in so deep,
and never leave you alone.

for every scar
there’s a line on this face.
no matter what i do,
those memories never fade.
you get in so close,
it slips away.
love in d-minor
is hard to share.

the sea of freedom …
that’s where i call my home.
guitar is the ship
and my songs fill the sails.
my course was set
on the very day i was born.
second star to the right,
straight on till the dawn.

the demons come calling,
the payment is due.
i ain’t scared of dying mister,
the getting there worries me.
my eyes on the horizon,
i got one foot in the grave.
and life in d-minor
it’s a hard game to play.


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