Michael De Jong – Monkey See, Monkey Do


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monkey see, monkey do.
monkey make a fool out of you.
climb up your back, won’t let go.
eat thru your heart
just to get to your soul.
make you believe in things you can’t see.
make you believe in dreams that ain’t real.
holds out a carrot in front of you.
gets you to do whatever he wants you to.
i am the ghost of Edmond Dantes.
Jean Valjean on the run.
i am the face in your mirror,
telling you, „don’t give up“.

church on sunday pray to the Lord.
rest of the week you are the Devil’s child.
preacher’s preaching „dust to dust“
like a puppet master pullin’ your strings.
a little hocus – pocus with incense smoke.
view the Relic of a Saint, did you forget the truth.
the fools in the Temple don’t understand…
Jesus Christ never taught it that way!
call me Thomas the Doubter.
i am the Prodigal Son coming home.
i am just a weary pilgrim,
walking the Damascus Road.

we’re on top of the food chain.
ain’t nothing’s safe to eat.
fish glow in the dark…
and the meat’s tasting weird.
crops are grown on polluted land.
everything we eat’s infected with oil.
islands of plastic float in the blue sea.
Mother Earth is dying, nobody cares
we change the course of rivers…
poison the lakes… we level the mountains,
we are killing ourselves.
you don’t need a Fortune Teller.
even a blind man can see.
sure don’t need no other politician.
just pissin’ into the wind.

„… ism… istic“ this.
„… ism… istic“ that.
they put an ending on your name, friend.
then they place you in a file.
you get just enough freedom, to keep you in line.
computerized gizmos, that only dull the mind.
we live inside, a culture of fear.
and our values are sold, to pay the rent.
a stillness’ growing all over our land.
it’s a deadly quiet, before a great storm.
i have crossed the Rubicon
i am a soldier of love and peace.
i am the Apostle of „lost causes“,
i am the assassin of hypocrisy!


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