Michael De Jong – No Fool Like An Old Fool


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there ain’t no fool, like an old fool,
who can’t remember …
some things, they’re better off,
ya better leave it „unsaid“.
if you don’t know by now, how i’m feelin’,
maybe it’s time for me to just walk away.

God, always blesses the dreamers,
He forgives the Unbelievers.
shows His mercy, on the ones
who got lost along the way.
there sure ain’t no understandings,
when fate, it walks in … and the fire,
it burns your very heart.

love, oh it can make you
it can turn around … it’ll break you!
turn you inside out, till you’re down on your knees
screamin’ please no more.
comes that night … and you’re all alone
and it hits you, oh my God …
she is REALLY gone.
the silence, it cuts … just like a knife.

there ain’t no fool … like an old fool.
who won’t let himself remember.
some things are better off …
just walk away my friend … leave it „unsaid“.
`cause if you don’t know by now,
just how, how i been feelin’,
maybe it’s time for me, just walk away.
if you … if you don’t know by now …
what i’ve been tryin’ to say …
well, maybe my friend,
it’s time for me to put away the guitar
… call it a day.


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