Who’s Fooling Who as a Free Download

This one was dedicated to my father:

Gerrit de Jong 7 november 1919 – 3 june 1994

…a hard workin’ man


I made this CD available as a free download. You can download this and 7 other albums at the section my free downloads at this website at http://michaeldejong.com/my-free-downloads/

Michael De Jong - Who's Fooling Who

Recorded at : Stonesound studio, Roosendaal,NL

Produced by: MichaelDe Jong & Peter Geilen



You tell me then I must Perish

like the flowers that I cherish.

Nothing remaining in my name,

nothing remembered of my fame?

But the gardens I planted still are young

the song I sang will still be sung!


prince of Texoco,ca. 1484